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About Us


Mission Statement:

Provide high quality, low-cost, residential environmental  indoor air testing; facilitate  data to establish indoor air  quality standardization; promote the importance of indoor air quality  awareness and how it impacts human health.


Indoor air quality  to become  10x cleaner then the air we breath outdoors improving health and disease prevention. We hope to see a future in which highly rated indoor air quality is a norm, from testing, scoring and standardization rating. Imagine a future where excellent indoor air quality is  a public health expectation not a luxury. We see a future that the cleanest air will become the future commodity, highly sought and expected by the general public.  Everyone deserves to breath clean safe air indoors, where they play, shop and live! That's why our motto is "we care about air!"

Services:   IAQ testing

  • Indoor air quality public awareness

  • Contracted research projects (local or federal)

  • Residential indoor air testing

  • Data collection aggregation

  • Environmental air advocacy

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) studies



  • Founded in 2017

  • 9+ years Applied Sciences

  • Microbiology & Mycology 

  • Sample collection analysis and interpretation

  • 10+ years Instrumentation QA/QC

Areas We Serve:

Serving Denver Metro Areas:
North  to Castle Rock

South to Loveland

East to Bennet/Keenesburg
West to Golden

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) is a national non-profit organization that supports radon professionals, ensures standards of professional excellence, public policy initiatives, and consumer awareness in radon measurement and mitigation. AARST is recognized by the EPA and other radon professionals worldwide!

  • Radon

  • Particulate Matter*

  • AQI (Air Quality Index)*

  • Carbon Dioxide*

  • Formaldehyde*

  • Carbon Monoxide*

  • Hydrogen Sulfide*

  • Nitrogen Dioxide*

  • Fungal Screen*


*All components with

asterisks are included in

a free report. Mold is 

qualitative only. 

NRPP Certified

National Radon Proficiency Program Certified
Residential Measurement Provider

NRPP ID: 109783RT

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